Michelle Sansone leads the lunchtime Body Core
Scupt class at the Student Recreation Center.

The Lunchtime Crunch

By Charlotte Almazan
September 20, 2007

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For busy individuals not involved in a campus activity, the idea of finding time to workout along with working out with a group may seem far-fetched.

Since lunchtime can be the only free time available in the day, the Student Recreation Center, located on West Campus at the corner of Sessoms Drive, has developed fitness classes that can work with a busy schedule.

The fitness classes known as Cardio Xpress and Core Body Sculpt are two classes offered as part of the center's fitness and wellness program to help students remain active during the week.

Joining Texas State this year, Michelle Sansone, a graduate assistant for the fitness and wellness progam, conducts the wellness classes with three years of training experience under her belt.

"For he 30-minute Cardio Xpress class, you can choose what you want to do," said SanSone. "One week we will do kickboxing and the next week we can do turbokick."

Trainers, like Sansone, are certified and employed by the center and interchange their 30 minute classes to compete with the level of fitness in class as well as the short time frame.

A group of Texas State students keep
up with the pace of the 30-minute class

The classes can vary between small and large groups depending on daily attendance, but the class will proceed with as little as one person and the trainer.

"The goal of group exercise is to improve everyone's fitness," said Sansone. "The format of the class is to gradually bring up the heart rate and maintain that rate."

Participation is open to university faculty, students, alumni and staff, who have purchased one of the three group fitness passes sold at the university recreation center.

Two faculty members in the core sculpt classes said they joined the classes to work the a fitness routine into lives without compromising too much time.

"We like it, because the class ends and starts on time," said Maureen Lemky, biology faculty member. "Michelle always considers the importance of our time and health."