Photo of a trail at Ringtail RidgeBetter Way to Stay in Shape on Horizon
By Andrew McNeill

September 20, 2007

Students around campus are turning to different types of exercise this year. One option for students is mountain biking. In between stress-filled classes, low-paying jobs, and the San Marcos nightlife, students are staying in shape. One of the ways students are doing this is mountain biking. Specially designed bikes with tires suited to handles sticks, rocks, and dirt are the primary equipment needed. Also necessary is a sturdy helmet and some hydration. Other than that, anywhere you see undeveloped land is a possible workout. full story...


The Lunchtime Crunch
By Charlotte Almazan

September 20, 2007

For busy individuals not involved in a campus activity, the idea of finding time to workout along with working out with a group may seem far-fetched. Since lunchtime can be the only free time available in the day, the Student Recreation Center, located on West Campus at the corner of Sessoms Drive, has developed fitness classes that can work with a busy schedule. The fitness classes known as Cardio Xpress and Core Body Sculpt are two classes offered as part of the center's fitness and wellness program to help students remain active during the week. full story...

This is a photo showing how empty the SRC gym is during morning hours.

The early bird feels the burn
By Colm Keane

September 20, 2007

Feeling well. Obtaining "the pump." Releasing stress. Looking good. All of these are reasons people are flocking to the gym in ever-increasing numbers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Survey Data, an average of 76.6 percent of Americans — 50 states and two territories — reported engaging in physical activity in the last month. full story...