The square in San Marcos is the best place to have access to several local bars, all within walking distance of one another.

While some may scoff at the square’s lack of shot bars and booming dance floors, it is that quality that allows the square to offer a great alternative to traveling to Austin for a night out.

Many people enjoy the small town feeling of walking around the historic square at night. Pop into one of the many locally owned bars and grab a beer. Head over to J’s Bistro for a piano sing along, kick back with friends at Barfish or end your night at Nephew’s with a Smalltown Girl sing a long.

Perks of the square are that patrons will probably not pay any cover charges, will most likely not circle for 30 minutes before finding a spot and most importantly can bar hop easily in a circle and never get lost.

However beware, San Marcos is a little different than neighboring cities, bars close at Midnight on Friday and 1:00 A.M. on Saturday, so be prepared to get an early start.

For those tired of traveling 30 miles north or south or just unaware of what is right in their own backyard, the San Marcos square is worth a little exploration on a Friday or Saturday night.

A Night on the Square

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