Austin is undergoing a makeover.

From novices who have never threaded a sewing machine to accomplished fashion designers, the burgeoning local fashion scene is tired of the local mall and is starving for something hand-made and unique. The cries have not gone unnoticed as Austin now offers a multitude of classes, run-way shows and hands-on activities that add a new flavor to city life. Reclaimed fabric classes teach the craft-savvy how to breath new life into old garments, local fashion shows offer a platform for nascent designers to show their wares and fast-growing events combining how-tos with exhibitions bring it all together in a neat little package.

This cavalcade of relative newbies with a flair for the crafty, life-long designers and people who are just plain dissatisfied with the local mall scene come together to create a thriving local industry that definitely warrants a deeper look.


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