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Three Dudes patio

Three Dudes

19577 San Marcos Hwy.
San Marcos, TX 78666
(512) 392-7044

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Three Dudes Winery gets its name from the Three Dudes that built it. The tasting room and production facility were designed and constructed by the three owners, Terry Alford, Jeff Felderhoff, and Ron Pontiff. Overlooking the crystal clear waters of the San Marcos River, Three Dudes Winery offers a great place to experience the finest of Texas wines in a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere.

This isn't your typical winery as suggested by the name itself. Three Dudes' appeal is its non-traditional approach to making and enjoying great tasting wine. These fine wines are produced from Texas grown grapes and juices; grapes that are carefully selected from the best vineyards to be found throughout this great state. Each year a new blend will be introduced into the Three Dudes family.