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Mandola's Estate Winery

Mandola bridge with flowering plants

13304 FM 150 W
Driftwood, TX 78619
(512) 858-1470

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Mandola’s Estate Winery stretches out on a slope above Onion Creek, and consists of almost 20 acres of newly planted grape vines soak up the warm sun and cool evening breezes. The climate here echoes the warmer drier climes of Southern Italy and Sicily.

Many of the grape vines planted here are in their infancy, and will be coming to maturity in the next few years. Better known varieties such as the rich Montepulciano, sweet Moscato, smoky Barbera, and noble Sangiovese are planted here. Additionally lesser known grapes like the fruity Vermentino, hearty Nero d’Avilo, and the aromatic Aglianico are thriving here in the Texas hills as well. A focus has been placed on varieties originating in Italy’s more southern regions- places like Sardinia and Sicily. Mandola winery currently produces six varieties of wine. They are as follows:

Canto Felice - Bright red in color, this compliments chocolate-dipped strawberries, crisp crackers and cheese.

2004 Sangiovese – Features strawberry and tart raspberry overtones, a hint of vanilla and French oak, this wine pairs great with grilled meats and spicy pasta dishes.

2004 Montepulciano - Youthful vigor, fresh fruit and dry wit embody this

Pinot Grigio - Hints of apple and just-picked pear and a slight spritz fills the mouth and mellows into a cool clean finish. Light gold in color, goes well with just about any cool appetizer or light entrée.

2004 Syrah - Young plum, spice, chocolate and a hint of toasted American oak – this is a dark red wine which pairs well with rich, simply prepared foods.

2004 Viognier –Tastes of fresh apricot and just-ripe peach. Pale gold in color, this Viognier leaves you with a long clean finish.