Alkek Library in first lifeTexas State on forefront of instructional technologies with Second Life island
By Maira Garcia

September 20, 2007

Texas State is taking a new approach to online learning by moving it into a whole other world.

Instructional technologies, which provide technology support for the university, have been experimenting with new media to give students and professors more interactive features, particularly for distance learning courses. Second Life is capable of that, according to Emin Saglamer, the lead programmer for instructional designs team. full story...


Picture of John Stark's PC towerMac vs. PC: Which Are You?
by Todd Schaaf

September 20, 2007

One of the most heated debates of the last 20 years has divided families, ended relationships, and changed the lives of those who switch sides.

This debate of course is that of Macs vs. PCs. Many people frown upon Apple Macintosh computers, and often, those who use them. Meanwhile Mac people feel sorry for PC users.

Both sides of this conflict claim that their machines are superior and easier to use. Both sects have their qualms with each other’s computer of choice. But what happens if two roommates and childhood friends are on opposite sides of this divide? full story...


Texas State student Joe Jackson at computerAre Texas State Students at risk of being Sued?
By Haley Fontenot

September 20, 2007

Many of us have heard of BitTorrents and the controversy that comes along in any conversation about them. But do we really know what they are and how they work? Or, for that matter, who is being threatened with lawsuits for using them. I set out to learn whether, on top of dealing with exams, graduation, and student loans, the average 20-something Texas State student is at risk of being slapped with a lawsuit for using a BitTorrent. full story...


The Red Ring Epidemic

By Drew Hampel

September 25, 2007

The number of complaints about failing Xbox 360 consoles is rising, and has been for several months. The problem was written off as being typical of new products in the consumer electronics industry. Now, almost 2 years after the system launched, the issue of breaking Xbox 360s is more widespread than was originally thought.

The number of failed Xbox 360s remains unknown, Microsoft refuses to release that information, but retailers currently estimate it to be as high as 30%. The standard failure rate for a new product in the consumer electronics industry is three to five percent. Moreover, there have been reports of people going through as many as 11 broken consoles. full story...