LazyThe Texas State Tanner
By Cheryl Jones

September 20, 2007

Living in Texas doesn’t help when trying to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking, but there are helpful tips and informative data that can prolong your youthful look and still keep your body healthy with a vibrant glow. Many students are aware of the dangers ultraviolet rays can cause, but for many those dangers are not pressing when the effects do not show until later in life. full story...

Marcus Garland, aquatic biology sophomore, started a game in San Marcos involving water guns and assassins.A new group of assassins is running the town
By Emily Messer

September 20, 2007

At 30 years old, Marcus Garland has already been shot in the back twice. And he’s lived to tell each story.

The aquatic biology sophomore sits back at an upstairs table at the Showdown, a musty local bar, and recalls the incidents. The first happened as he was leaving a local Mexican food restaurant near the bar. The other occurred as he was purchasing a burrito just down the street. He doesn’t even fuss or flinch about the shootings, just sips his glass of Shiner and grins. “As long as it’s a water gun, it’s not too bad,” Garland said.
The two water guns used to shoot Garland were a part of a game played in cities like London and New York and Austin, where Garland first played it. full story...

Ashley Mauricio on the busParking at Texas State Can Be a Challenge
By: Anna Tauzin

September 20, 2007

One look at the commuter parking lots at Texas State can tell you one thing: a lot of students don’t live in the San Marcos area. Ashley Mauricio, a Geography Junior, lives on the east side of San Antonio and commutes to San Marcos every Tuesday and Thursday. In order to get to her 9:30 a.m. class, she has to leave her house by 7 a.m. It takes her a little over an hour from the time she leaves her driveway until she pulls into the commuter parking lot at Bobcat Stadium. full story...

The Avery Building at the Round Rock Higher Educatoin CenterRound Rock Higher Education Center, An Entirely Different University Experience
by Katrina Moline

September 20, 2007

Students attending classes at the Round Rock Higher Education Center, which opened in August of 2005, perceive a distinct difference between themselves and their San Marcos counterparts.

Many feel they receive a more personalized education in Round Rock and see themselves as more mature students.  “I actually prefer taking classes at RRHEC.  I live in south Austin and take classes in Round Rock by choice.  The student to teacher ration is more conducive to my personal style of learning,” says 22 year-old public relations junior Jacqueline Vidal who adds that she would be a lot happier if should could take all of her classes at the Round Rock campus. full story...


Lolita's owner and husbandLolita's a haven for hungry students, muddy vehicles

By Chris Boehm

September 20, 2007

For Dominic Dukes, there’s one place in town to fill up on breakfast. A sparkling pickup truck is just an added bonus. Lolita’s Café on Aquarena Springs Drive is home to every college student’s dream: cheap, fast breakfast tacos. That’s why Dukes, a marketing senior, makes it a point to stop by at least three times a week and pick up four bacon, egg and cheese tacos. But last week he swung by the taco stand for a different reason. He wanted to wash his truck. full story...


Post ACL: What's Next?
By Sarah Garcia

September 20, 2007

With Austin City Limits having come and gone this past weekend, many ACL goers are finally done treating their sunburn and exhaustion.  As many find themselves growing tired of looking through their ACL photos, they start to feel fully recuperated and begin to wonder… “What’s next?”
With SXSW still months away, many concert goers find themselves looking for the next noteworthy show on the horizon.  Skimming through upcoming venue schedules, a few specific shows seemed to stand out.  full story...

Texas State Students In Free Enterprise  
By Meagan Singletary

September 20, 2007

Unless you are a business student, chances are you probably aren’t savvy on many business based organizations here on campus.  As a mass communications major I had never even heard about an organization called Students In Free Enterprise until a friend of mine recently joined.  “SIFE is really cool because it focuses on community service and will probably get you some really good contacts after graduation.  Anyone who can should join,” said Carly Black.  full story...